After an unexpected layoff in 2014, Sharon found the motivation to dive into a lifelong interest — art.  

Blending her writing skills with her desire to draw, she created a fun and witty line of greeting cards and prints called Ok Silly. With humor leading the way, she was thrilled to get the attention of some sites like Buzzfeed and Huffington Post.

In 2019, following some personal trauma and the loss of her beloved dog, Pepper, Sharon turned to painting as her therapy and began taking Ok Silly in a whole new direction. She’s since fallen in love with mixed media and watercolor and is a big fan of experimenting with bold colors and impromptu texture, often grabbing whatever is nearby — a straw from a fountain drink, a ripped piece of cardboard, the texture from a coaster. One thing you’re sure to see in every piece is a lovely tribute to Pepper — delicately placed dots and spots have become her signature.

Currently, Sharon lives in Orlando, Florida and, by day, works in advertising as a Senior Copywriter.

Go behind the scenes on Instagram at @oksillyart


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